The Opensource Home Automation project puts together the building blocks for home automation based on the very affordable ESP8266 system on chip, providing WiFi and MQTT/IP connectivity with optional integration to OpenHAB.

Every single project is released in source format, including CAD files which are developed in the KiCad format and the software in C++ based on the ESP8266 Arduino environment. Updates over the Air (wireless updates) just one click away in the Arduino IDE.

Ray project

The ray project is the first project to be released. It’s a 3 Channel LED dimmer, capable of sustaining up to 5 to 48V with 2A to 5A per channel. (Real specs still to be determined)

Release 1.00B

Ray video

About Opensource Hardware

Trying to close the gap in opensource hardware, we will work with manufaturers to build the boards and make them available in online shops. If you are a manufacturer or a reseller, please feel free to ping us, we will provide a link to your shop.

If you want to build the hardware yourself, you will have all the necessary information available for every project.

Getting started

Get a preassembled board

Ok, this is the easy way :), from there you can use it, or modify the software and upload via WiFi.

Assemble one yourself

  • buy bare PCBs or order a few from gerbers
  • buy the components from the bill of materials
  • solder the components
  • bring up the board, check voltages, etc.
  • program initial firmware from the Arduino environment or esptool




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